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Средства массовой информации. Журналы.

Дата: 27.02.2010 

Автор: Савинова Елена Юрьевна

Предмет: английский язык.
Класс: 8.
Тема: Средства массовой информации. Журналы.
УМК:  “Enjoy English-5”.

Деятельность учителя Деятельность учащихся
Hello everybody. I’m glad to see you today, on the 21st of January.

What topic did we start to discuss at previous lesson?

What mass media do you know?

Why do we need mass media?

What mass media are we going to talk about today? (Учитель демонстрирует журналы разной направленности.)

There are a lot of different magazines nowadays. Here are some popular Russian and British magazines.

Do people often discuss magazines?


So today we are going to discuss different types of magazines, find out and present our opinions about this mass media.


What should we do to achieve this aim?

What can help us?



So what types of magazines do you know?

(учитель демонстрирует журналы разной направленности, на доске составляется Word-web)

Do you know the word “quiz”?

Have you ever heard about quiz magazines? Try to guess what is it about?

Let’s check our guesses and listen to the dialogue.


Were we right?

So now we know another type of magazines.

(добавляют слово к схеме на доске)

Which words can help us to describe magazines?

( на доске список прилагательных)

(Учитель показывает по очереди журналы разной направленности)

As we revised some words and phrases, we can start our discussions.

Now we are going to work in pairs and find out what your partners think about magazines.

But first of all let’s think what questions could be asked and revise the word order (повторение)

Do you remember the word order in Wh-questions?

What can you ask your partner about? Give some examples.

So now you’ll listen to each other and then you need to present your partner opinion about magazines. Don’t forget to take notes!

Are you ready to present the results of you interviews?

While listening please fill in this table

(Приложение 1)

Итог урока.

What new things have we learnt today?

What information have we revised at the lesson?

Have we achieved the aim of the lesson?

Would you like to add something? Would you like to give your comments about the lesson?

Учитель выставляет отметки, комментируя их.

Домашнее задание: Эссе “Magazines I like and dislike”

Good bye! See you tomorrow! Have a nice day!

“Mass Media”

Internet, TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Tabloids.
To receive information, to find out about important events, to have a rest, to relax, to study foreign language, to study at home, to find new friends etc.


(Учащиеся рассматривают журналы.)


I think…/ I believe…/ I guess… yes, they do as it’s very popular media.




We should revise words about mass media and learn more words about magazines.

We should practice their pronunciation.

To ask questions we need to remember the word order.

 -about fashion, politics, youth magazines, children’s magazines, educational, sport, special interests and hobbies etc. Local, national, international. Weekly, monthly


I think…/ I believe…/ I guess… it’s a magazine with crosswords, puzzles.


It’s a magazine where there are quizzes about what you like or dislike.


(Учащиеся выбирают из списка слова, с помощью которых можно охарактеризовать тот или иной журнал.)

(Учащиеся описывают журнал, используя лексику предыдущих заданий.)






Вопросительное слово + вспомогательный глагол + подлежащее + сказуемое +…..?

Do you like reading magazines? Why?

What types of magazines are your favorite ones?

How often do you buy magazines?

Would you like to write articles for a magazine?

(Работа в парах. Задают вопросы, отвечают, фиксируют ответы.)

(Учащиеся представляют результаты опроса своих одноклассников, полученные при работе в парах.)



(Учащиеся составляют таблицу, отражающую общее мнение класса о журналах. Один из учащихся устно представляет результаты работы.)


We have learnt ….

We have revised…..

Yes, we have.




Good bye!

Приложение 1

Listen attentively to your classmates and fill in the table:

Question Answers of your classmate
1) Like reading magazines  
2) Why? (write down some reasons)   
3) What types of magazines are the most popular?
4) How often do your classmates buy magazines?
5) Would like to write articles for a magazine?